Featherston Camp buildings, Martinborough

Featherston Camp buildings, Martinborough

14-090-006MBORO CHURCH

The hall section at right at Martinborough’s Presbyterian Church was built from Hutment 84 at Featherston Camp. GPS 41.222 S 175.450 E


14-090-006MBORO HOUSE

House constructed from a Featherston Camp hutment at 42 Sackville Street, Martinborough. GPS 41.218 S 175.464 E

Several buildings in Martinborough have origins at Featherston Military Camp. Part of a hutment is at 42 Sackville Street. It sits at the front of its urban section, flush with the footpath. The window pattern suggests it is half of a hutment.   At Martinborough’s Presbyterian Church (corner of Jellicoe and Weld streets), the church hall was built from Hutment 84, bought for £32 by the Rev. John McGregor in 1922.

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