World War One service records – Administration forms of NZEF

World War One service records – Administration forms of NZEF

Some of these army forms will appear on virtually every New Zealand service record from World War One. Other forms will also appear, depending on the circumstances of the individual service man or woman.

Note that some actions used more than one form number during the war.

The list was compiled with assistance from NZDF (Personnel Archives & Medals).


No.1               Cover sheet

No.2               Attestation form / Medical details

No.2a             Attestation form (Nursing service) / Medical details

No.3/3a          History-sheet

No.4               Medical history

A.45                Medical board report on a disabled officer

B.67a             NZMC – Appointment or promotion of a nurse

B.103             Casualty form – Active service

B.117             Report on injuries

B.2090a         Field service

B.R.10            Certificate of discharge

BR.40             Proceedings of a medical board

B.R.59            War medals – despatch of medals

B.R.88            Notice of discharge

BR.125          NZEF form (Casualty)

B.R.156         Record of service

B.R.207a       Certificate of discharge

E.F.53d          Leave certificate

E.F.53e          Sick-leave certificate

E.F.128          Proceedings of a medical board

E.F.145          NZEF (Struck off strength)

E.F.192          Pay form (Overseas war-service gratuity)

E.F.299          Will (Pay form) – also XFQ.1

E.F.324          Declaration by claimant for pay due to deceased soldier (will)

E.F.394a        Receipt for British War Medal

I.1237             Medical case sheet

LA 61             Notification of death

NZ 197           Cover transit sheet Territorial Force

NZ 355           Record of medical board

NZ 391           Receipt for Victory Medal

NZ 396           Receipt for Memorial Plaque

NZ 733           X-Ray record of chest

XFD.8             NZEF medical examination upon leaving service

XFQ.1             NZEF – Will

War pension 10       War Expenses Office (decision of application for overseas war service gratuity)