Remember To Remember

Nicki Stewart: Remember To Remember

I woke up in the night and remembered my mother telling me that she was named after her Uncle who was killed in WW1.

His name was Eric.
I got up, googled and a project was born.

A co-memoration. A community knitting project knitting comforts for soldiers. Each stitch carrying a message, holding a pattern, unravelling a story of someone long gone.

I live just a stones throw away from Camp Road, named after the Featherston Military Camp established in 1916.
Soldiers there spent most of their time removing stones from the land. They put them to good use lining pathways.
Boredom led to an art form for which they were rewarded.

Rocks hold memory. A conduit between past and present. A prefect canvas for the transfer of images acting as markers holding information.


8 August 2014 – 7 September 2014