F.P. Welch diaries

‘Our Little Ones’

Our LITTLE ones


‘Our little ones’ are the pocket diaries of Frederick Percy Welch.  Written from 1888 until 1929 they provide a rich record of the life of a prominent Masterton businessman, and his connections to an extensive family spread throughout the Hutt Valley and on farms near Masterton.

The Wairarapa Archive holds  41 diaries from Frederick Percy Welch,  covering his personal life as well as giving a good record of the commercial life of one of Masterton’s prominent businessmen.The diaries record many land transactions, as well as notable events in the town and the progress of the war.

The Wairarapa Archive is posting his diary daily, 100 years after Welch first made the entries.  You can see the diaries here, and follow Welch’s thoughts on our Twitter account.