Timeline of the declaration of war

Timeline of the declaration of war


1871                      German Empire proclaimed after the Franco-Prussian War

1882                    Triple Alliance formed – Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy

1888                     Wilhelm II becomes German Kaiser

1892                    Franco-Russian alliance

1899-1902          South African War between Britain and Boer republics

1904-1905          Russo-Japanese War

1904                    Entente Cordiale between Britain and France

1906                    Launching of HMS Dreadnought begins new naval race.

1908                    Bosnia-Herzegovina annexed by Austria-Hungary.

1909                    New Zealand offers Britain a battleship – HMS New Zealand.

1911                    New Zealand Territorial Army formed.

1912-1913          First Balkan War. Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Bulgaria defeat Turkey.

1913                    Second Balkan War. Serbia, Greece, Romania defeat Bulgaria.


June 28               Assassination of Austrian heir Archduke Ferdinand and wife in Sarajevo.

July 5                   Germany agrees to support  Austria-Hungary in any action.

July 28                Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.

July 30                Austria-Hungary and Russian begin mobilisation.

August  1            Germany declares war on Russia.

                             France mobilises.

August  3            Germany invades Belgium, declares war on France.

August  4            Britain (and Empire) declares war on Germany.

August  5            War proclaimed by Lord Liverpool in Wellington.

August  6            Call for volunteers in New Zealand.

August  13          First Wairarapa volunteers leave for training.

August 15           Samoa Advance Force leaves Wellington.

October  16         Main Body of NZEF leaves Wellington for Egypt.