Greytown Soldiers’ Memorial Park & Memorial Park Gates

Greytown Soldiers’ Memorial Park & Memorial Park Gates


The Memorial Gates about 1925

GPS 41.076 S 175.459 E

When in 1919 Daniel O’Connor was about to sell a 20-acre block of native bush in Kuratawhiti Street to a sawmiller, local solicitor J.F. Thompson suggested Greytown Borough Council buy it as a war memorial. A deposit of £500 was raised within 24 hours and the balance, at £80/acre, was collected over the next year by local committees. (more…)

In 1922 Greytown citizens donated £1 per fallen soldier to establish an avenue of remembrance of 117 lime trees at the memorial park. Wooden plaques by each tree, identifying the soldiers, have long since disappeared.

On Anzac Day 1923, memorial gates to the park, inscribed with 66 names, were unveiled by Greytown Mayor William Hutton. In attendance were Alexander McLeod, MP, Quentin Donald (Featherston County Council), John Card (Mayor of Featherston), Orlando Pragnell (Mayor of Masterton) and Brigadier-General Herbert Hart.

The park was developed as a sports ground and a World War Two memorial swimming pool was opened within the park in 1957.

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