Mauriceville War Memorial

Mauriceville War Memorial


The memorial in 2014 with Mauriceville School behind.

GPS 40.775 S 175.701 E

One of several country district memorials in the Wairarapa, Mauriceville War Memorial was unveiled on 30 September 1928. The memorial was built of local limestone and installed at Mauriceville East School, with 20 names inscribed on marble plates.

James Young, Minister of Health, unveiled the memorial. MPs George Sykes (Masterton) and Alexander Harris (Waitemata), Colonel Jabez Cowles (a school inspector) and Ian Cameron, chairman of Mauriceville School Committee made up the official party, along with 350 spectators. (more…)

About 1939 the memorial was removed to allow improvements in the school’s play area and it was not until Anzac Day, 1955 that the current memorial, a red granite plaque with four World War Two names added, was put in place in front of Mauriceville School.

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