Cameron and Soldiers’ Memorial Park

 Cameron and Soldiers’ Memorial Park

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The grandstand at Cameron and Soldiers’ Memorial Park in 1969, taken from Dixon Street.

GPS 40.956 S 175.653 E

The idea of a memorial sports ground emerged as the war was ending in 1918. The old showground in Dixon Street was acquired by a local committee which raised money for the project. Two of the group were Donald and Robert Cameron, the father and uncle of Lieutenant Norman Cameron, killed at Gallipoli. The Cameron brothers advanced a large sum to buy the land and the family name was incorporated into the park’s name – one of the few cases where an individual soldier was commemorated. (more…)

The park became Masterton’s main rugby ground and was usually shortened to Memorial Park.

The Masterton public preferred a traditional war memorial so the park did not become the main World War One memorial. In 1943 it became a military camp for the US Marines and, later, the N.Z. Army. A new grandstand was built in the 1960s. In 2008, a naming rights deal allowed the park to be known as ‘Trust House Memorial Park’.

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